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There is no end to the ideas and things you can add to the game. I plan to work on progressing this concept towards a fully released game, which I hope you will enjoy. This is a very simple concept, and we just scratched the surface. The provided sample app does a ton more, and I encourage you to explore it more.

There are many possible ways to do everything in Unity and C#. In some cases I chose an approach because it was the easiest to explain. Other times it was because it was the first thing that popped in my head, other times I actually had a good justification. But explore the possibilities, there is no need to do things the way I did.

I would love to see what people come up with. Please consider joining the P3 Owners & Fans discord and sharing your progress. But even if you just have questions or feedback on this tutorial, that is a great place to start.

Thank you

I want to thank a few people here.

First and foremost, everyone involved with Multimorphic and the P3 platform. Especially Gerry Stellenberg who has answered so many of my development questions while writing this tutorial, and over the last few years on my other P3 projects.

Second, Nick Baldridge of Nick has helped he more times than I can count on my projects and has been a constant positive motivation to actually make progress. Watching him release his games has been an inspiration for this tutorial and my projects overall.

Chantelle James, who doesn’t know it yet, but who I am going to talk into proof-reading this, which is going to be a ton of work because my writing is terrible.

Everyone over at the P3 Owners & Fans discord.

And you for reading this far. Thank you.